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Storm leaves 200,000 displaced in Philippines, heads for Taiwan
MANILA (Reuters) - Storm Fung-Wong churned towards Taiwan on Saturday after killing at least five people in the Philippines, and f...
Weather helps crews make gains against California wildfire
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fire crews in California's rugged Sierra Nevada seized on a break in the weather on Friday to slowly gain ...
The scary element that saved the crew of Apollo 13
The scary element that helped save the crew of Apollo 13...
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Evolving Marine Algae
Evolution is usually not considered in projections of global warming’s impacts because most species evolve too slowly. However, sc...
New Deep Sea Organism Discovered
In 1986, a deep-sea mushroom-shaped organism was discovered off the Australian coast. Scientists from the University of Copenhagen...
Plastic in Arctic Ice
What happens to all of the plastic that ends up in our oceans? A lot of it erodes into microscopic pieces and is then either inges...
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Shark Trade Ban
The first ban on shark and manta ray trade is finally coming into effect! The ban was agreed upon last year at the Convention on I...
California Blue Whales Bounce Back
Some exciting news surfaced this week – researchers shared that the California blue whale population is up to 2,200. This is a his...
Elephant Fence in Sri Lanka
Drought in Sri Lanka has long caused controversy between elephants and humans; when water is scarce, elephants venture into villag...
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