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More than 500 people killed as heat wave bakes parts of India
NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Soaring temperatures have gripped parts of southern and northern India in an extreme heat...
EU carbon market expects price rise for first time in four years
LONDON (Reuters) - Participants in the European Union's carbon market expect average prices to rise for the first time in four yea...
Should animals be given human rights?
Should animals be given human rights?...
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First Warm-Blooded Fish Discovered
The opah, also known as moonfish, is a round, silver-ish fish that is approximately the size of a car tire. It is also, surprising...
Hawaii Planning to Go 100% Renewable
Last week the Hawaiian Legislature passed a bill stating that 100% of the stateís electricity will be generated by renewable ene...
Tesla's New Solar Battery
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., revealed a product line of electric batteries last week. Products include the Tesla Powerwall...
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Climate Models of the Past
Climate models have definitely benefited from technological advancements. The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory just released...
Cheetah Conservation Efforts
In need of some adorable baby cheetah pictures? Check out this slideshow explaining assisted reproduction efforts to save the chee...
Toxic Spill Off Coast of Costa Rica
Costa Rica declared an emergency zone 62 miles off of its Pacific coastline after a ship carrying 200 tons of ammonium nitrate san...
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Bacteria To Clean Oil Spill

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