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3 Great Green Social Networks
What we love about Greeniacs is that itís not about diving all in. Itís not about pushing you to do more, become more involved, or...
National Park Service Turns 98!
August 25th was the National Park Serviceís 98th birthday. To celebrate, the National Park Service granted free admission to all o...
Social Lives of River Turtles
River turtles may have more complex social lives than originally thought. Scientists in Brazil have recorded more than 250 sounds ...
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Antarctica Species Audit Published
In 1969, a comprehensive audit of Antarctica species was published. Until now, nothing similar had been published. This week, the ...
Magpie Myths
European folklore often refers to magpies, a type of bird, stealing shiny objects to bring back to their nests. However, Exeter Un...
How do animals deal with disease?
With the recent outbreak of Ebola, how to properly deal with disease is on everyoneís mind. But how do animals deal with disease a...
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PG&E faces record fines over deadly California pipeline blast
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The California Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday levied penalties of a record $1.4 billion on Pacif...
Fukushima workers sue Tepco over unpaid wages, reliance on contractors
IWAKI Japan (Reuters) - A group of Fukushima workers on Wednesday sued Tokyo Electric for unpaid wages in a potentially precedent-...
VIDEO: No more Latinate plant descriptions
The International Botany Congress decides that Latin will no longer be the primary language for formally describing new species of...
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