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Why Park Rangers Experience Trauma
In 2015, poaches in Africa killed over 24,000 elephants, 1,300 rhinos, and an estimated 1,000 rangers. In fact, 82% of the 570 ran...
4 Compelling Reasons Why the Healthcare Industry Should Worry About Green Issues
Climate change and environmentally friendly green practices are a hot topic around the world now. However, one industry that h...
5 Facts You May Not Have Known About Cheetahs
Here are five things you may not have known about the elegant and infamously fast cheetah: 1) Thereís a small, critically endan...
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Are car bans effective?
Recently, several cities (such as Paris and New Delhi) have adopted car bans as a way to mitigate air pollution. Nitrogen oxides f...
Get to Know the Labord Chameleon
The Labord chameleon has the shortest life cycle of any land vertebrate in the world! They spend nine months underground inside an...
Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom
Nice to meet you.
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Pope appeals for urgent food aid to help famine-stricken South Sudan
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis called on Wednesday for urgent humanitarian aid for the starving people of South Sudan, sayi...
Flooding forces hundreds from homes in San Jose, California
(Reuters) - Murky, waist-high floodwaters swamped neighborhoods along a rain-swollen creek in the northern California city of San ...
US children's hospital helps save life of baby hippo
Doctors from a children's hospital have saved the life of a premature baby hippo....
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