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Non-organic vs. Organic Produce
Recently, an analysis of 343 peer-reviewed studies was published looking at the difference in health benefits between organic and...
Eco-Friendly Bedding
One of the most important rooms in a household is the bedroom. Here 1/3 of our life is spent sleeping. The air that we breathe at ...
Chimpanzee Communication
Scientists have discovered that wild chimpanzees communicate 19 distinct messages to one another through 66 gestures. To determin...
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LEGO Releases Female Scientist Set
LEGO, a childhood toy favorite, has just released a set of female scientist figurines. LEGO is calling the set “Research Institute...
Unique Tibetan Gene
Tibetans are known for their ability to live at very high altitudes. Their ability to do this comes from a variant of the EPAS-1 g...
Facebook Experiments Come to Light
Since Facebook’s manipulation experiment has come to light, conservations about the ethical standards the public holds corporation...
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Drought-stricken California agencies seek 'water cops'
(Reuters) - Hosing down a driveway in drought-stricken California could soon mean a visit from the "water cops," as agencies throu...
France backs 30 percent energy efficiency goal: letter
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - France's energy minister threw her weight behind an energy savings goal of at least 30 percent for 2030 ahead...
Jellyfish set for record numbers
Wales is hailed as a jellyfish "hotspot" by researchers who say they could hit record numbers this summer....
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