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Tasmanian Devils Suffering from Another Disease
In 1996, Tasmanian devils began dying of a communicable cancer known as devil facial tumor disease (DFTD). Since then, almost 90% ...
Recycling Sewage
What if we could extract energy, clean water, and nutrients from sewage? Remondis, a global recycling company, is currently trying...
2015 El Niño Updates
El Niño is a cyclical climate pattern that begins in the tropical Pacific Ocean involving the buildup of warm waters. When the war...
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Underwater Greenhouses!
Did you ever think underwater greenhouses would exist? They in fact do, 20 feet below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea off the...
Back-to-school Gadgets
School will soon be back in full swing, and students rely on technology more than ever. Scientific American reviews five useful ga...
"The Most Electric Place on Earth&...
Where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, there is an average of 260 storm days per year. The lake won a Guinne...
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China slowdown needn't hamper climate deal: U.N.
BONN, Germany (Reuters) - A slowdown in the Chinese economy that has alarmed global stock markets won't cast a "dark cloud" over U...
Global economic losses from drought to top $8 billion: report
LONDON (Reuters) - Global economic losses from drought are likely to reach more than $8 billion in the next few months as the El N...
Chris the sheep 'sets new record'
An overgrown sheep dubbed Chris, found wandering near Australia's capital, sets an unofficial world record for the heaviest fleece...
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