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Iberian Lynx Makes Comeback
Only 10 years ago, the Iberian lynx was on the verge of extinction; there were only 90 lynx left in the world, located in southern...
The Science of Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes use smell, sight, and heat to zero in on their target. They are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is what humans breat...
The Relationship Between Dogs and Humans
Dogs have long been referred to as humansí best friend. Throughout history and cultures, dogs have served as hunting partners, gua...
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Underwater Noise Impact on Dolphins
These days, underwater can be a noisy place, thanks to human activities. Whether it is boat engines or construction, dolphins are ...
New Views of Pluto
New Horizons has just published new detailed photos of Pluto! Click below to see the slidshow: http://www.scientificamerican.c...
Important Inventions Throughout History!
Click below to watch an interesting video documenting some of the scientific inventions, such as magnetic compasses and nitrogen-b...
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Shipping company Matson to pay Hawaii $15 million over molasses spill
(Reuters) - A U.S. shipping company has agreed to pay Hawaii more than $15 million to reimburse the state for the cost of cleanup ...
Nepal landslide kills 15 people, death toll may rise: ministry
KATHMANDU (Reuters) - A landslide triggered by torrential rain killed 15 people in western Nepal and the death toll could rise, th...
Aurora found beyond our Solar System
An aurora has been spotted around a brown dwarf more than 18 light years away, scientists report....
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