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See The Revolutionary Developments Made With Green Chemistry
(Monday, 19 February 2018) Written by greeniac12778
Nowadays people are more aware of the potential impacts that certain substances can have on the environment over long periods of time. Chemical suppliers are currently sourcing products that are designed to minimize that impact—these innovative developments of green chemistry will help make the world a safer and better space.

Green chemistry is the field of chemistry that works to make chemical products and processes less harmful to the environment. This innovation is especially advantageous for fields where hazardous chemicals have traditionally been used—nowadays people are becoming more aware of the negative impacts that certain substances and processes can have on nature. The main focus of green chemistry is preventing pollution and limiting the use of resources that are not renewable. It seems as if this specific field of chemistry is the way of the future — green chemistry is safer, healthier and more sustainable than the options of the past, so it makes sense that more manufacturers are adapting to the demand.

One chemical supplier that is a strong supporter of green chemical solutions is CCC Chemicals, which happens to be one of the leading independent distributors in Canada. The trailblazing supplier carries a variety of sustainable chemical alternatives like biodegradable products, ethylate replacements and renewable vegetable-based raw materials. They are so committed to greener results that they have tracked every transaction involving their eco-friendly products—this tracking initiative began in 2015 and continues to be upheld. For any business representative that wants to learn about the latest developments in green chemistry they can visit the company’s official website—the blog reveals sustainable chemical solutions that are making a positive impact on the market.

An example of one of the green chemistry solutions carried by the company is sodium bisulfate—the solution is produced by their distributing partner Jones Hamilton. The chemical material is a cleaning compound that acts as an alternative for sulfamic acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid. The reasons why it works as an effective replacement is that it is a safer choice—it’s stable, non-fuming, non-flammable, odorless and less corrosive than other materials. Sodium bisulfate is not classified as a hazardous material by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or the Department of Transportation and has been reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice program. Thisstrong alternative to other chemical products is also better for the environment because it is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Where and when the product can be used as an alternative:

• It can cause PH reduction in swimming pools
• It can be a component in dry acid baths used to clean metal
• It can be used as a de-scaler for water treatment facilities
• It can be added as acidifier or cleaning ingredient in chemical compounds

It seems like the future of chemical production and distribution will be deeply connected to the field green chemistry. As long as the population cares about sustainable practices and experts continue to create valuable alternatives, green chemistry will continue to benefit suppliers, customers and the environment.
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