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Benefits of Living in a Green Home
(Saturday, 02 December 2017) Written by greeniac10505

Did you know that when you maintain your home to save energy, you’re doing your part to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that help cause global warming? Owning a green home comes with numerous benefits, and you’re not doing it only for the environment. Your health, comfort, finances and people around you can also have substantial benefits. If you’re trying to decide if living in a green home is the right choice for you or not, here are some examples of benefits in case you say ‘yes’:

Lower Utility Costs

We all know that utility costs can get pretty expensive, especially when you don’t keep your energy usage in check. Giving the fact that green homes use strategies to make everything more efficient, people who live in this kind of homes will often notice that they pay way less on their utility bills each month than when they lived in a traditional home. Having highly insulated walls that keep the heat/cold outside, low-flow showers or rainwater harvesting can save you greatly on your electricity, water, and gas bills each month.

Higher Resale Value

A recent study, conducted by the Earth Advantage Institute shows that a home built to meet the standards of green living is worth an average of $25,000 more in resale value. This benefit can be very helpful when it comes to covering the real estate agent fees. Furthermore, possible buyers are willing to pay more for a green home since they know that these homes will benefit their budget due to the lower utility bills and they can also help the environment.

Improved Health

When it comes to your family’s health, indoor air quality is one major benefit of living in a green home. There are lots of products on the market that are meant to reduce your home’s pollutants, such as ultraviolet lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and quality air filters. Skin irritation, headaches, fatigue and gastrointestinal complaints are just a few symptoms of sick building syndrome. During the construction of a green home, non-toxic materials are used in order to create a healthy indoor environment. This benefit can be considered one of the most notable of them all because it literally helps you and the people around you to live a much healthier life than you would in a traditional home.

Helping the Environment

Green homes benefit both the homeowner and the environment. According to the US Green Building Council, the average certified building uses 32 percent less electricity and saves 350 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Usually, green builders try to use recycled materials and also to produce less waste wherever possible. Even if recycled materials are one option, green materials also refer to reused materials, renewable materials like bamboo and cork, or materials local to your region.

Living in a green home means that it will last longer, it will consume less energy and produce less waste and most importantly, it will have less of an impact on the Earth. Just think about all the tremendous positive effects that green living has on the surrounding environment and even when it comes to your own life and maybe you’ll consider making a change.

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