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4 Reasons why Restoring a Leaky Roof is Better than Replacing It
(Monday, 04 September 2017) Written by greeniac10003
Living in a house with a bad roof can be harmful on so many levels – leaks could endanger your health, safety and peace of mind, and also cause walls to rot and develop mold. So, you have to act quickly, especially if the problem has been going on for years, and choose between two solutions: repairing the roof or replacing it with a new one. While most people prefer the latter idea because they think that new is always better, a proper roof restoration process might be just the thing you were looking for and something that will keep your roof safe and sound in the decades to come. Here are four reasons why you should always repair your roof instead of anything else.
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What most people are primarily concerned with is the financial side of the entire process, and when you calculate the costs, it’s easy to see how cheaper the restoration really is. Yes, you need to pay for the material and hire a number of people who will do the actual work, but it still shouldn’t be more than $10 per square foot – and it’s usually much lower than that. Installing a new roof, on the other hand, can come up to more than $20 per square foot, which is quite a lot. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way not to spend your entire life savings fixing the roof, always opt for restoration.
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Another problem with new roofs is the fact that they’re new and in some parts of the world this means that they’re inferior when it comes to quality. Building materials are always changing, as well as popular techniques and trends that come and go season after season, but the fact is that modern materials sometimes just aren’t as good as the ones used ten or twenty years ago. That’s why using old ones is a good idea in the long run, particularly if you enhance your roof with brand new shingles that look nice and come with their own decades-long lifespan.
As soon as you notice your roof is leaking or isn’t in the best condition, you need to react! Waiting too long creates additional problems and puts you and your family in danger, yet still doesn’t solve the problem. That’s the reason why lots of people consider roof restoration a great way to prevent future problems, and just because there’s nothing to worry about at the moment doesn’t mean an issue or two aren’t waiting around the corner. Nevertheless, while fine-tuning your roof is something most people can do on their own, relying on professionals is a much better way to go, so if you too are looking for trustworthy roof restoration in Melbourne, be sure to find people with experience who can bring a new life to your roof.
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Deciding to restore, fix, repurpose or recycle anything instead of purchasing something new instead means that you pay attention to your own budget, but also that you’re an environmentally-aware person who’s conscious about Mother Earth and its future. With roof restoration, you don’t need as much new materials as a new roof would require, and that automatically means cutting back on the needs for raw resources. Moreover, by opting for restoring instead of a new roof, you won’t dispose of a ton of waste and thus endanger your local community and immediate environment. So, learn more about roof sustainability and other ideas you can implement at your own house.
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Other factors
Other reasons why restoring a faulty roof is always a better idea than installing a new one include insurance savings, energy rebates and additional tax benefits – restoration is, after all, a maintenance expenditure and that means you’ll be paying less tax on it than you would had you chosen to replace it, which can make quite a difference when you’re doing your taxes, so keep that in mind too.


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