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How Do Essential Oils Work?
(Monday, 07 August 2017) Written by greeniac12576
If you've been looking for a safe and healthy way to improve your quality of life, you don't need to look much further than essential oils. These amazing substances provide an easy and natural way to care for yourself and your home, while being gentle on the environment.

Essential Oil Basics

Essential oils are distilled or expressed from plants and contain the aromatic component of the plant, along with several compounds that make them excellent for healing, personal care, and cleaning purposes. Plants have various attributes that they rely on for survival. Because the essential oils come directly from these plants, they possess the same properties.

It takes from hundreds to thousands of plants to produce essential oils, and the high concentration of the plant compound in the oil, as a result, is what makes essential oils so potent and effective in their various uses. Most oils have a way to trace the components of the oil to assure you that you are receiving quality oils that are what they claim to be. Companies like DoTERRA provide reports from independent labs that verify the quality of their oils. Donít be afraid to do your research.

Optimal Well-Being

For most common health issues, there's an essential oil that can provide relief. Lavender and clary sage have calming effects. Rosemary has been shown to help maintain concentration. Citronella repels insects and feeling under the weather can be eased by combinations of peppermint, lavender, geranium, and marjoram. The list goes on and on. A small arsenal of essential oils can ease a surprising amount of conditions!

Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are extremely concentrated. Direct application onto the skin is generally not recommended. The vast majority of essential oils are intended to be diluted for use. When used topically, they are combined with a carrier oil, rubbing alcohol, body butter, or wax. Alternatively, several drops can be added to a bath, and there are various methods of inhalation. A drop or two on a pillow or tissue is another method of use.

A Clean Home

Rather than using harsh chemical cleaning agents, try using lemon or grapefruit oils. Tea tree, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil are great options for cleaning as well. For cleansing benefits, use yarrow or feverfew oils. Try combining several drops of an essential oil with water in a spray bottle for ease of use. In some case, direct application of the oil to the surface works best.

Opening your life to essential oils means opening your life to infinite improvement. The benefits of using these naturally occurring compounds for personal care, well-being enhancement, and cleaning go beyond the immediate result of a better mood or clean counter; reducing your use of toxic cleaners and personal care products reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals while also reducing strain on the environment.

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