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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer
(Tuesday, 13 June 2017) Written by greeniac12576
Summer is everyoneís favorite time of the year. It has long days, sultry nights, popsicles, and childrenís laughter. Itís a carefree time of year when bedtimes arenít so strict and summer sun is all but required. Before the heat of summer finally arrives for several months of enjoyment, itís time to prep your home for the season. You prep yourself for the hot summer sun, so why not make sure your home is also summer ready?

Get an Emergency Kit

Whether you live along the coast where hurricanes occur regularly or the Midwest where tornadoes are always a threat, itís time to prepare an emergency kit for your home, your car, and an evacuation plan as well as emergency plan at home. Placing your emergency kit in your safe room beneath the stairs, in the basement, or in the center of the home will allow quick access in case something unexpected occurs without warning.

Get Pest Control

Summer means spending more time outdoors than any other time of the year, but it also means the fear of pests is more prominent. From ticks to fleas to mosquitoes, common pests are a big problem for families who love to spend time outside. Residential pest control makes it possible for you, your family, and your pets to spend time in your yard or home without worrying about being bitten or exposed to any disease carried by pests.

Service the AC

Whether youíre using it already or not, you need to get you AC serviced. The heat of summer can wreak havoc on the HVAC, and proper maintenance always helps. Any small problems you have now can be identified and rectified before you spend even one sweltering hour in your home without air conditioning during the dead heat of summer.

Secure the House

It sounds ominous, but itís not. Go through the house to be sure all your windows and doors are sealed properly with the correct weather stripping and caulk. If theyíre not, go ahead and throw a few dollars at the issue. This keeps your house cooler and more energy efficient, and it doesnít take much time at all.

Check the Grill

Summer means eating outdoors, grilling, and really indulging. If the grill has been covered and out of commission for the past few months, be sure to go through it and make sure that it is in good condition and thereís nothing calling it home before you light it up. Itís a good idea to check the propane tank, and you should move it away from the house before using it the first time.

Your home is your sanctuary, and itís easy to make sure itís summer ready. Donít forget to check these items off the list before they make your life a little miserable at the most inconvenient time. Now is the time to get your house as summer ready as your summer-ready body, if you managed that.

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