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It's Not Easy Being Green: Are Motorcycles Eco-Friendly?
(Thursday, 08 June 2017) Written by greeniac85004

One of the reasons why so many drivers consider switching over to motorcycles is to reduce their carbon footprint. Commuting to work in a larger car or truck not only burns an incredible amount of gas, but the average passenger vehicle produces around 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. If you have been thinking about buying a motorcycle to be as eco-friendly as possible, then here are some of the factors you should take into consideration.

Gas Consumption
Many people mistakenly believe that all motorcycles use less gas than the average vehicle. While it is true that motorcycles are lighter, their engines are often quite powerful. Heavier cruisers can actually get worse gas mileage than modern hybrid vehicles. That is why it is so important to spend extra time researching each individual motorcycle and vehicle before making a choice.

Types of Motorcycles
Many of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers in the world are now producing vehicles that are designed to be extremely efficient. While many older motorcycles consumed quite a bit of gas and let off an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, there are eco-friendly models available today. These models are often made from sustainable materials that are much lighter than steel and metal composites. Another option for those who aren't getting on the freeway is to go with a smaller scooter or hybrid motorcycle.

Hidden Environmental Costs
Just because a motorcycle has great gas mileage and produces very little carbon dioxide doesn't mean that it will be environmentally friendly in the long run. Transporting a motorcycle from another continent is bad for the environment, and the ships that are used to ferry these vehicles use more gasoline and oil than your bike ever will. You also need to analyze which materials were used to make your motorcycle and how sustainable they really are.

Other Considerations
Another major variable you need to think about before purchasing a motorcycle is your safety. An experienced rider on an empty road is going to be relatively safe, but a new rider weaving in and out of traffic on a congested freeway could end up needing medical treatments and an experienced motorcycle attorney after getting into a serious accident. All riders should spend quite a bit of time on their motorcycles so that they are comfortable no matter what type of traffic they are in.

When every single factor is taken into consideration, purchasing a motorcycle could end up reducing your carbon footprint. As long as you spend some time researching each individual model and understand all of the risks associated with riding, transitioning over to a motorcycle might save you money and help you protect the environment. understand all of the risks associated with riding, transitioning over to a motorcycle might save you money and help you protect the environment.

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