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10 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer
(Friday, 12 May 2017) Written by greeniac071191
The summer season is when most people spend time outdoors and enjoy cooling off in the water. There is often a higher consumption of water in the dry season for those who want to maintain their yard and pool. If you want to avoid overusing water, there are a few ways to conserve it during the summer.

1. Shorten Your Showers

Every minute that you spend in the shower uses a gallon of water. Instead of taking your time bathing in the shower each day, use a timer to keep your showers between five to 10 minutes. You'll also want to skip the bath, which uses at least 30 gallons of water to fill the tub.

2. Keep the Pool Covered

Covering your pool during the summer will prevent the water from evaporating from the heat.

3. Use Irrigation Technology

Irrigation technology from companies like will make it easier to monitor your water usage each week and meet specific goals. You can also use a smart controller that will help you save water and reduce costs.

4. Use a Rain Barrel

If it happens to rain during the summer months with a hurricane that arrives, you can collect extra rainwater from your roof with a barrel that is placed underneath a downspout.

5. Water in the Morning or Evenings

Water your lawn in the morning or evenings to prevent the water from evaporating as quickly during the day.

6. Visit the Car Wash

Washing your car at a car wash will use 40 gallons of water instead of 100 gallons if you attempt to do it yourself at home.

7. Don't Hand wash Your Dishes

Use an Energy Star dishwasher that will use three gallons of water during a wash instead of 27 gallons that are used when hand-washing everything.

8. Look for Leaks

Check for leaks around your toilet by adding a few drops of food coloring in the tank to determine if it enters the toilet bowl.

9. Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Wrapping your pipes with insulation, it will help the pipes to stay warmer and will prevent it from taking long to warm up once you turn it on.

10. Wash Full Loads of Laundry

Replace your washer and dryer with energy-efficient appliances that use less water are updated with their technology. Use a full load or adjust the water level to match the load that you're washing to avoid using more water than necessary.

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