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Is False Spring the New Norm?
(Wednesday, 08 March 2017) Written by greeniac12314
Most of the United States has experienced unusually warm temperatures this winter. To determine this, Climate Central analyzed data from 1,500 weather stations across the United States and discovered that 84% had a warmer-than-normal winter. 47% had a winter that was in their top 10 warmest winters on record. The National Park Service is predicting the cherry blossom peak on the National Mall to be in mid-March, which would be the earliest peak on record.

Spurts of warm weather causes “false spring,” meaning the following cold weather kills plants that sprouted thinking it was already springtime. Theresa Crimmins, assistant director of the National Phenology Network, said, “Temperatures that rapidly drop can be problematic to plants once they've developed buds, as buds are vulnerable to hard freezes and temperatures below freezing. For plants with flower buds, this can lead to loss of the flowers and subsequent fruit, which is problematic for agricultural fruit production as well as wildlife depending on fruits of native plants.”

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