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Why Park Rangers Experience Trauma
(Wednesday, 15 February 2017) Written by greeniac12314
In 2015, poaches in Africa killed over 24,000 elephants, 1,300 rhinos, and an estimated 1,000 rangers. In fact, 82% of the 570 rangers from 12 African countries surveyed by the World Wildlife Fund reported that they have faced life-threatening situations.

Experts are just now realizing the anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder that rangers are prone to. Susanna Fincham, a clinical psychologist in South Africa, shared, “Previously people focused more on the soldier role of rangers rather than on their well-being. The need is only now being recognized. There's also still strong stigma in South Africa of seeing a psychologist, especially for men. But now more senior rangers are seeking assistance, so we're chipping away at that wall.” She added, “Long term, I would also love to see a special independent unit of psychologists and social workers established for rangers.”

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