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(Wednesday, 24 October 2012) Written by greeniac602242
Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if every person took at least 10 minutes of their day to just appreciate nature. Whether it is to take a walk in the woods, or to sit on the roof to look up at the stars, a quick break from the technology and hustle and bustle of modern life could bring so much into one's life. I remember in high school, I did not think once about the environment and how humans were affecting it. I didn't care, but my junior year, I became more aware of what was happening. But my true realization of my passion came to me on one clear night. I looked up at the stars and saw how beautiful the skies were - how sad would it be if the air pollution got so bad that we could no longer see the stars (this is the case in some parts of the world)? But even sadder than that - what if people didn't realize it was gone?
Just think about how amazing our planet is, from the lady bug on your rose bushes, to the oceans. The planet has so much to offer, just appreciate its beauty so we know what we must protect.

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