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People are finally getting off their high horse
(Wednesday, 11 April 2012) Written by greeniac108389
Came across this article which reaffirms my belief that its time so called "greenies" get off their high horse and stop trying to sell people on "Green" (not to mention green is such a bogus and stupid word).

It's time we start realizing the climate change is a symptom not a cause. We are too focused on trying to get each of us to solve climate change, when that is literally impossible for any of us to do.

Instead, we should be focusing on the direct, real-life benefits- what affects each of us most directly, what is going to influence our decision making the most? Food is a great example, focus on increased health and decreased poisons in our bodies, and not on the eutrophication and other environmental benefits. These added benefits should be seen as an added bonus, not the main selling point.

Energy, too. Let's not sell it as reducing GHG emissions, but as simply a good investment. I love the example of rebranding the CFL from Earthlamp to Marathon, to reinforce its long-lasting properties.

If we're not solving problems, then it's just a fad, left up to the wind.

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