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Why You Should Be Driving a Green Car
(Friday, 15 December 2017) Written by greeniac12778
Environmental conservation has been one of the topics that have made 2017 news. Therefore different industry players are looking for ways to can contribute to conserve the environment. From banning of plastic bags to planting more trees and reducing the amount of CO2 released to the environment, these are some of the areas that will make 2018 in the continued search for better technologies.

The vehicle manufacturers are also gearing up to make sure green cars are available to the consumers. All environmentalists are looking forward when we will have all vehicles including Jeep and Hyundai accent driven by green energy. For now, all we can do is waiting for our favorite car manufacturers to offer the green cars so that we can adopt them. So what are some of the advantages of driving green cars?

Save Money on Fuel

The rising prices of fuel have left many people with little to spend with some giving up on car usage. Therefore, those who have felt the heat of fuel prices should be looking for an alternative and the green car is the best alternative you can go for. This is because people pay more to burn more CO2 to the universe. Therefore since you donít want to burn more CO2 to the environment, you will, in turn, enjoy lower prices to move from one place to another. All you need is determine the model of the green car you want and purchase. This lowers the cost associated with driving.

Greener Environment Is All We Want

Apart from planting more trees to suck the carbon dioxide released every day in traffic jams, it is also very important to make sure that the CO2 release is reduced by introducing a green car in the city. If everyone else could follow your footsteps, then the environment will be spared since the amount of CO2 will go down. This is good for us and future generations. The effects of excess CO2 can be felt already, and therefore people should just consider how to control the situation. Else, we will be having the worst ecosystem ever.

Promotes Technological Advancements

These vehicles were/have been designed with human effort and great creativity. Promoting someone elseís effort is the best you can do to reward him/her. So far, these vehicles have been approved as safe and convenient for use and therefore driving them is the same as the ordinary vehicles. Those in technology field should start adopting green cars so that we can reduce the rate of pollution and global warming.

Green Cars Come in Different Varieties

Apart from being unique, they also come in different shapes and designs; therefore, you can get the best design depending on the model you want. These different designs will cater for the style, the interior space and also the functionality. Therefore you should check out the latest green cars and buy one or two for your family.

Letís conserve the environment for a better future and also to save more. Green cars will reward you with the green environment and more money to the bank. Non-green cars cost more to drive, and they take away the beauty around you.
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2017 Hybrid & Electric Cars Survey Results
(Wednesday, 19 July 2017) Written by greeniac12620
Consumers opting to buy hybrid & EVs over traditional gas powered vehicles is a growing trend. In 2016, EV sales increase 37% with Tesla, Chevy Volt, & Nissan Leafs leading the charge. Hybrid vehicle sales followed the same trend.

A 2017 CarMax conducted a survey to find out more about the lifestyles of American driving green vehicles. Over 2,300+ responses were received. Over 60% of respondents were first time owners & 38% bought vehicles to save the environment. 64% own electric vehicles, 22% own plug-in hybrid, & 12% of traditional hybrids.

The demographics of hybrid/EV owners are:
26% live on the Pacific Coast
70% have a Four-Year degree
33% bought a used hybrid or EV
42% are 50+ yrs old
36% are Millennials
93% male

A common myth of green vehicles is maintenance. However, 55% of green vehicle owners reported spending less than $100 per year on maintenance. Additionally, 65% of respondents expect to own their vehicle for four or more years.

The full survey results can be found here.

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Buy Used Cars For Exceptional Value
(Tuesday, 12 June 2012) Written by greeniac22111989
While buying used cars for sale, there are plenty of reasons for giving penchant to online source unlike the offline ones. By knowing how to make a deal online, you can in fact get plenty of good benefits. When it comes to purchasing of autos for sale, we typically look for authorized or local used car dealer available in offline market. It is also quite certain as most of us usually favour to go with conventional way of purchase in the market. As per experts, there are 2 primary factors behind it; one is that when shoppers typically hear about scams that take place online so they usually stay away from it, and the other is that not all shoppers have thorough knowledge about market available online and believe that visiting online store is complex process.
So, those who are in the market looking or willing to purchase Used car dealers, there are quite a lot of factors you need to consider to get the best deal. For accessing all the best and latest deals offered in the market, it is significant for you to make a painstaking research over the internet. For beginners, it will be a predictable aspect. Check out car expert reviews and get some of the most reputed online sites enlisted by search engines. There are some classified websites available online carrying advertisements of potential sellers of various models.
Before buying cheap used Pre Owned Cars , you will have to consider few factors such as your budget: it’s significant that you should know the amount of money you will be spending for second hand cars; the 2nd is hidden cost: keep some bucks aside to get the car done the way you want it too; 3rd is to be familiar with the market value: it is one of the most important factors to know about so that you can be sure for the fact and evaluate the vehicle: 4th is to get a mechanic, who is well aware about cars and has great knowledge about them.
Used cars for sale have some of the excellent deals for discerning shoppers as they provide superior qualities at reasonable or affordable prices. These vehicles are most preferred and selected for those who use vehicles quite less. Also for starters, these vehicles are great options. However, they have more chances of getting damages that leads to frustration and loss. Students and teenagers are car drivers, who are always least care takers of vehicles. Some of the leading manufacturers are cheap Audi cars, cheap Honda cars, cheap ford cars, cheap Chevrolet cars, cheap BMW cars and cheap Dodge cars. They are leading the entire used cars for sale manufacturing companies in the market with pride and prestige.†
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