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Is Blue Food Safe?
(Saturday, 04 July 2009) Written by greeniac13
You know how to read a food label, right? And you probably know what you want to avoid eating. Except if you are like most people, you probably just gloss over the food dye numbers because, well, to be frank, you probably don't know what to avoid. And you probably ate Yellow No. 5 or Red No. 40 without any incident before, so who cares?

To start with, the Food and Drug Association's website at has a list of approved food dyes.
So you can at least learn which dye numbers are safe and which you may want to avoid eating.

You will have to look elsewhere to learn that some of those FDA approved food dyes are actually PETROLEUM based dyes. (Did you just say, "What?" Funny, that's exactly what I said.) Evidently blue and green are petroleum based and only allowed in food when used in a very low concentration.

Who would eat a petroleum derived product on purpose?

Avoid eating colors that are unnatural. Electric blue is a color in nature reserved for poisonous insects and unpalatable animals. So if you have a natural aversion to electric blue food, it's probably innate.

The has a list of food additives that have been removed from the approved list.

I made a feeble attempt at online research searching for a pocket guide to food dyes that I can take with me to the grocery store, and didn't find anything concrete. I doubt that one has created one for public use yet. (If you know of one, please post the link in a comment to this blog below.)

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High Court denies clean water - but hope is not lost
(Wednesday, 01 July 2009) Written by greeniac13
On June 22, the Supreme Court ruled that the Clean Water Act allows a mining company to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons per day of toxic waste slurry into a pristine lake in Alaska.

Over the next decade, 4.5 million tons of solid waste will be dumped into Lower Slate Lake, killing nearly all the aquatic life and essentially burying the entire lake.

This misguided ruling has implications for clean water all over the country, potentially opening the floodgates to allow more pollution into other lakes, rivers and streams nationwide.

But hope is not lost. Despite the Supreme Court's decision, there is much that can still be done by officials of President Obama's administration to protect our waters.

Earth Justice plans to continue to fight in the courts and in Congress for stronger clean water protections, but you can tell these officials right
now that they can act immediately to protect clean water and assert his commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Ask Obama administration officials Lisa Jackson, EPA
Administrator, and Nancy Sutley, Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), to immediately rescind the memo written by the previous administration in 2004 that allowed waste to be dumped directly into lakes, streams and rivers without meeting strict EPA pollution standards.

Also, ask them to initiate a process to undo a 2002 rule that redefined industrial waste as "fill," and paved the way for this "fill" to be dumped into our waters.

With swift action, President Obama's administration can guarantee clean water protections and ensure a cleaner, safer and healthier environment. Let these officials know that clean water is important to you and your community!

- Earthjustice
Because the earth needs a good lawyer
426 17th Street, 6th Floor, Oakland CA 94612

P.S. Every voice counts! Please ask your family and friends to speak out for clean water:

TAKE ACTION: Speak out for clean water protections
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Putting my Pumpkin to Good Use!
(Thursday, 18 December 2008) Written by greeniac24
When I found my perfect pumpkin for Halloween I told myself that I would also cook with it after the holiday was over. Come December, my pumpkin was still sitting in my window, maybe due to attachment, maybe laziness, but regardless it was still there. Well pumpkins are quite hardy, so I finally went to work, cutting up my beautiful pumpkin to make something to eat rather than just throwing a perfectly good source of energy away. Now, cutting a pumpkin is a lot of work, so I can also say that I got a good workout out of this whole event as well. I cleaned off the seeds, put them in the toaster oven, and have been enjoying ever since (I may have to buy pumpkin seeds now that I've come to enjoy them so). I quit cutting after having gotten through about 40% of the pumpkin, and used the open leftover pumpkin for my compost materials, then I composted the whole thing. But what did I make with this pumpkin, well I made a delicious and wholesome meal to last one person for several days or a family of four to have together one night in a very low-cost family dinner. I cooked the cut pumpkin pieces (1 inch x inch avg.) in water and 2-3 tablespoons of canola oil, then added in spinach (1 large bag frozen spinich did the trick), a can of lentils, some good spices, and a bit of ghee (clarified butter that can be found at Whole Foods and other similar markets, but you could also use regular butter if you prefer). Voila, dinner was served, and I knew that I had been able to enjoy my pumpkin as part of the Halloween festivities, but also as nature intended!
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