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Oil Spill Threatens Native American Water Village
The town of Grand Bayou, Louisiana, has no streets and no cars, just water and boats. And now the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatens the very existence of the Atakapa-Ishak Indians who live there. "We're facing the potential for cultural genocide," says one tribe member.
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Elephant dung recycled into 'poo paper'
An Indonesian safari park is turning elephant dung into paper products for sale in its gift shop. Called "poo paper", the products are proving popular with tourists and focusing attention on the endangered elephants who are producing the raw material. Ben Gruber has more.
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Raw Honey vs. Processed Honey
Interested in honey for its health benefits? P. Allen Smith discusses the differences between raw honey and processed or pasteurized honey. With raw honey containing Royal Jelly and other particles from bees, many consume this type of honey as a health supplement. Processed or pasteurized honey is often a better choice for those who are allergic to bee stings, because the trace amounts of bee venom have been filtered out.
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Celebrate Earth Day
Earth Day is a great occasion to stay at home and celebrate the planet with your family. After all, home is where we spend most of our time and energy, so it's the best place to focus on living the green life. Here are three ways you can have your own Earth Day celebration!
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Higher Methane Emissions
Stanford's Adam Brandt and colleagues have found that methane leakage from the US natural gas infrastructure is much higher than official estimates, a problem that can be addressed by the industry.
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Small Town Wind Farm
See how the construction of a 200MW wind farm breathes new life into a small town in Southern Utah, creating jobs and a renewed sense of civic pride, all while providing green wind power to tens of thousands of households in Southern California.
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Prepeat Inkless and Tonerless
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Oil Spill Puts Birds at Risk
The next victims of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be the birds that depend on the region's fertile shorelines, bayous and marshes. American Bird Conservancy's Michael Fry talks to Jorge Ribas about the situation.
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Tidal Turbine
The world's first commercial tidal turbine will be fixed to the seabed by Northern Ireland's Strangford Lough. It is the world's first commercial tidal turbine, and it will produce the first electricity ever brought ashore from British tidal waters.
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The next recycling wave: the waste from one company becomes the product for another.
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