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TOPIC: Repurpose!
Repurpose! 09/09/2011 Karma: 0  
Today I wrote a blog about how to turn an old dresser into a bookshelf. Afterwards, I found so many other ways to repurpose. For example: If you want to get the kids involved, check out how to turn toilet paper rolls into an art project:

How do you repurpose?

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Re:Repurpose! 09/13/2011 Karma: 1  
I absolutely love the idea of repurposing. It gives people a creative way to be greener. The link you provided to your blog doesn't seem to work but I would love to see how you converted your dresser into a bookshelf. I am trying to get rid of my old dresser but I would much rather turn it into a bookshelf. I recently saw that toilet paper roll project and thought it was so cute.
Here are a few more repurposing ideas I thought I should share: cheese grater turned into a earring holder (
), using crayons to create a monogram (
) and, my personal favorite, melted crayon art (

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