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  • Trump Is Now Using Death of John Kelly?s Son to Back False Obama Claim
    President Donald Trump invoked the death of his chief of staff John Kelly’s son?a marine who was killed in 2010 while fighting in Afghanistan?in an attempt to further bolster his false claim that former President Barack Obama did not regularly contact the families of soldiers killed in action. As far as past presidents, “You could ask […]

  • Donald Trump Ruined Twitter
    This story originally appeared on Medium. At some point in 2006, or possibly late 2005, Noah Glass walked into our office all excited about something. That in itself isn?t news because Noah was always excited about something. Dude had an energy. Noah worked across the hall from us on the sixth floor of a old […]

  • Memo Undermines Russian Lawyer?s Account of Trump Tower Meeting
    The Russian lawyer at the center of a controversial June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower says there was in fact no controversy. Natalia Veselnitskaya attended the meeting where Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump campaign officials hoped to Russian receive dirt on Hillary Clinton. Now a memo she brought to that meeting has been disclosed, and she says it shows that she did […]

  • Tom Marino Withdraws From Drug Czar Consideration
    President Trump announced on Tuesday morning that Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.), who had been nominated to be the nation’s drug czar, is withdrawing his name from consideration. The news comes days after reports that Marino co-sponsored legislation that weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to crack down on drug distributors that helped fuel the opioid […]

  • America?s Climate Refugees Have Been Abandoned by Trump
    As hurricane after hurricane ravages Puerto Rico and the Gulf Coast, the Trump administration has quietly walked away from a government-wide effort to help the growing number of American communities whose very existence is threatened by climate change. ?There are communities that need help right now. They?re struggling, they?re asking, and the resources to assist […]

  • John McCain Condemns ?Half-Baked Spurious Nationalism? at Medal Ceremony
    In what was widely interpreted as a rebuke of white nationalism and the “America first” principles embraced by President Donald Trump, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Monday warned against the dangers of “half-baked spurious nationalism.” “To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have […]

  • White House Math on Corporate Tax Cuts Is ?Absolutely Crazy,? Experts Say
    Last week, President Donald Trump told a group of truckers that his proposed corporate tax cut would give the average American family $4,000 per year. ?That?s very exciting,? Trump said. On Monday, his Council of Economic Advisers issued a 14-page report that backed up Trump’s claim. Unfortunately for those truckers?and every other American household?experts say the […]

  • Scary New Evidence Suggests Air Pollution Can Harm Babies in Utero
    As fires spread across Northern California last week, smoke fouled the air of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Ash fell from the sky like snow, walkers strapped on face masks before heading outside, and school children throughout the region were kept indoors. The fires have since been controlled, but air quality hasn’t yet returned […]

  • The Crazy Flood of Tech Revelations in the Russia Investigation
    From buying targeted ads, organizing rallies, and employing bots to spread false information, we now know that Russian agents have used a wide variety of techniques on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, and even Pokémon Go to sow discord during the 2016 election. Now both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees investigating Russia’s role in the campaign have called for cooperation from various tech giants and […]

  • There?s Very Little Welfare Left for Trump to Reform
    At a meeting with his Cabinet on Monday, President Donald Trump hinted at his next big agenda item: welfare reform. “Some people are really taking advantage of the system,” he said, according to Bloomberg White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs. The problem is that there’s very little welfare left to reform. After President Bill Clinton and […]