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TOPIC: Starting a Vegetable Garden
Starting a Vegetable Garden 04/30/2012 Karma: 1  
I finally built our garden box in the backyard and was able to fill it up with very good compost that my city gives out for free. Now all I have to do is move all my vegetable plants into it and hope that none die from any sort of shock. This is my first go at it and I want to do it as organically as possible. Since they're all vegetables I'm sure there will be a bunch of critters that will want to get to my food before I do so I plan on following the guide, Make Your Own NonToxic Pesticides and see how that works. I also want to make it a greenhouse and although I've read the guide, How to Build Your Own Greenhouse I've found a more cheaper way to do it. I watched a video where someone built a frame and used shrink wrap. It kept the temperature inside the greenhouse significantly higher than the outside temperature so it seemed to be pretty effective. I still have a bunch of carpenters plastic left over from when we were remodling our house and it's a lot thicker than shrink wrap so I think I'll put that to use.

I'm open to ideas and tips if anyone has any. I'll try and post pics when my plants start feeing me .

Here's the video I watched on how to make your own greenhouse

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Re:Starting a Vegetable Garden 05/01/2012 Karma: 1  
I found this neat guide (more like a gift guide but it will work just the same) that has Eco-friendly gardening devices like a compact composter that you can use indoors or outdoors (or even in apartments), a multi-functional gardening seat, and a few other nifty items!
Here's the link:
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Re:Starting a Vegetable Garden 05/04/2012 Karma: 0  
Congratulations on your planters. They look fantastic! In my experience organic gardening is easiest when you are growing plants that are less susceptible to pests and disease. Tomatoes are so finicky that I tend not to plant them.

Here are some guides for how to start:



Happy gardening!
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Re:Starting a Vegetable Garden 05/08/2012 Karma: 1  
Thanks for the links! I know it can be hard to get tomatoes to get going at first but my kids love them especially the cherry and sugar tomotoes. I decided to plant almost all the different kinds of tomatoes I could find at the store to see which ones would make it and of the ones that do, which produce the fastest.

That GrowBottle idea looks awesome. I remember posting a video to this thread, which was about recycled glass art projects, it showed how to cut a wine bottle. I bet you can make your own Grow bottle by using the same method in that video.
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Re:Starting a Vegetable Garden 05/09/2012 Karma: 0  
congrats on the great start in building your garden!

I'm sure youve got it taken care of but be sure not to only put compost in your planter. Not only will it burn your plants, but compost lacks structural integrity necessary to withstand all the water. be sure to mix in some big chunks of clay with the compost to hold everything together.

In terms of plants, good luck with tomatoes. Depending on your climate, they can be super easy (last summer I lived near Sacramento, and literally never touched the tomatoes, but they just would not stop producing) or super finicky. i have a good feeling about your tomatoes.

One of my favorite plant setups is to plant tomatoes peppers and basil together- with the peppers on the sunny side and the basil on the shady side. Nothing beats tomato basil and mozzerela in the summer, with a bit of pepper in the dinner salad!
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