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TOPIC: Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom
Corpse Flower in Bloom 08/03/2016 Karma: 2  
The New York Botanical Garden has a corpse flower for the first time since 1939. What is so special about this species? It only blooms once per decade, flowers for only 36 hours, and smells like a corpse when in bloom to attract pollinators. This particular plant they have now has been growing for 10 years. People were lining up to see the two-meter-tall plant.
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom 09/29/2016 Karma: 0  
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom 02/06/2017 Karma: 0  
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom 02/22/2017 Karma: 0  
There are plants that use flies to pollinate and, when they flower, these plants will emit the smell of rotting flesh to attract those flies. These make great house plant gifts, particularly for apartment dwellers......Dissertation help Thanks admin nice post
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom 08/22/2017 Karma: 0  
Good to read about the topic. I am also a flower lover so I have planted different kinds of flowers in the lawn of my dissertation writing services based office.
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom 08/24/2017 Karma: 0  
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