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TOPIC: Re:5-year phone
5-year phone 11/01/2012 Karma: 1  
I saw this article about James Barber's five-year phone. The idea is to reduce the number of phones manufactured because of the harmful aspects of manufacturing. This phone, still in concept phase, is intended to last 5 years. The nice part of this is that the camera can be swapped out as technology advances so there is a little room for improvement. 85% of it is recyclable too! Now only if Apple would get into this project....
Here are some pictures of the design:
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Re:5-year phone 11/02/2012 Karma: 0  
This is a great idea!

I've also heard of Credo, a phone company dedicated to sustainability and progressive social change.

For more information about the environmental impacts of cell phones check out this greeniacs article:
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