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TOPIC: Re:Toilet paper crisis
Toilet paper crisis 02/24/2012 Karma: 0  
I just came across an article that informed me that we’re now using more trees for toilet paper than for newsprint!

And that's not the worst of it...

More toilet paper used to be made out of recycled office paper, but now that offices are going paperless, there’s less of the really high quality recyclable paper. Because Americans love soft-high quality tp, around 98 percent of the pulp used to make the stuff now comes from virgin wood. This is crazy! Show me the way to the bidet, I say.
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Re:Toilet paper crisis 02/27/2012 Karma: 0  
oh hey, the beauty of recycling cycles.

brings to mind the beauty of plastic bag bans- SF is now a great consumer of paper bags! theyre kinda outta control over here.

though wonder what kind of quality of tp we can get from recycled paper bags...
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