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Big cat trade from Burma to China up
A new study suggests that the trade in parts of tigers and other wild cats from Myanmar into China is growing....
The mystery of Chopin's death
A mystery still unsolved by science...
10 years on, tsunami warning stumbles at the "last mile"
BANGKOK (Reuters) - In April 2012, Indonesia's Banda Aceh, the city worst hit by the tsunami that killed at least 226,000 people o...
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Impacts of Arctic Ground Squirrels
It turns out that the cute and fluffy Arctic ground squirrels may have a larger impact on our world’s future than one might have g...
The Fight for Chimpanzee Rights
The line between human rights and animal rights is blurry – humans are, after all, animals. The Nonhuman Rights Project argues th...
Vultures' Survival Secret
How can vultures eat rotten meat and not get sick? It turns out that vultures have unique gut bacteria that prevent the pathogens ...
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Why Are So Many of Us Right Handed?
About 85% of humans prefer to use their right hand. Why is that? Scientists speculate that hand preference may have begun when hum...
Electric Eels
It turns out that the electric eel’s name is quite literal – electric eels can send out pulses of electricity to catch their prey....
Tech Language
Does texting represent the demise of the English language? Ben Zimmer, a language columnist for The Wall Street Journal, does not ...
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