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How does dancing lead to bonding?
Dancing in groups forms social bonds in multiple ways. People experience a blurring of “self” because of synchronization and, sinc...
New Climate Records
The past 11 months on Earth have been the hottest respective months on record in 135 years. Other climate records have been set th...
Beautiful photos of Mount St. Helens!
Scientific American has been sharing photographs from the United States Geological Service’s (USGS) beautiful database of Mount St...
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Countries Sign UN Climate Agreement on Earth Day!
On April 22nd (Earth Day), 171 countries signed the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations in New York. United Nations Secr...
Monarch Migration Mysteries
Monarch butterflies migrate from Canada to Mexico, and they are the only insects that travel that far of a distance. How do they d...
Beyond Recycling: Living With as Little Impact as Possible
The importance of recycling and conserving energy is no secret to living a low-impact lifestyle, but there are additional ways...
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Derailed train near Washington leaks hazardous material
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A CSX freight train derailed in northeastern Washington, D.C. on Sunday, spilling hazardous material near a...
Rare rallies in Vietnam over mysterious mass fish deaths
HANOI (Reuters) - Hundreds of people demonstrated in Vietnam on Sunday against a Taiwanese firm they accuse of causing mass fish d...
VIDEO: Helping hand for chilly owls
Barn owls can struggle to survive in cold, wet weather and as low temperatures persist people in Yorkshire are doing their best to...
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