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Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds
The fatty acids released in cooking may help form clouds that limit global warming, say scientists....
Indonesian startup wages war on plastic with edible seaweed cups
JAKARTA (Reuters) - Jakarta food and beverages retailer Ong Tek Tjan sells ice cream in cups his customers can eat afterwards, ins...
Tornado in Indonesia injures 35, damages hundreds of homes
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A tornado ripped through a densely populated area in Indonesia's East Java province on Thursday, injuring 35 p...
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Re:Happy Birthday Earth!
Hello, I am Daisy Simpson, a university professor,and I like to believe that I'm a very good professional freelance writer. Passio...
Re:Home efficiency through saving energy
The first step is to understand how you're the use of electricity in your house by using reviewing your application bills. Many ho...
Re:What do you think about nuclear power?
wow good information provide this post i like this post i have daily seen this website new post thanx...
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6 Ways To Bring The Outdoors Inside
If you check the dictionary for the description of an outdoorsy person it is almost always related to nature. Besides the fact t...
If youíre a well-informed homeowner, you probably know it pays to be energy efficient, for both your family and the environment. A...
Green for Green: 5 Ways to Find the Cash for Your Eco-Friendly Upgrades
Many homeowners are eager to take advantage of green features in their space. Many features, such as solar panels or a thermal H...
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