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Ebola Test Strips
Amidst the Ebola chaos, a new detection technology has emerged. DNA-programmed blotting paper created from just $20 worth of mater...
How Carnivores Protect Plants
It turns out that carnivores helps plants without thorns protect themselves from herbivores. Researchers studying the relationship...
Re:Deposits on Plastic Water Bottles?
Criminals disband in every corner of the world and some of them are the reason why millions of dollars lost in California, Maine a...
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Boston Canal System
Many cities are just now beginning to discover how vulnerable their infrastructure and populations are to sea level rise. Boston i...
Secret Space Mission Returns
The Orbital Test Vehicle, an unmanned United States military plane also known as X-37B, has returned to Earth (specifically Calif...
CA bans plastic bags
California is the first state to ban plastic shopping bags; the ban will begin in July 2015. Back in 2007, San Francisco became th...
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Tropical storm Vance gathers strength, could head for Mexico
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Tropical storm Vance gathered strength south of Mexico early on Friday and could become a hurricane and he...
China and Russia thwart plan for Antarctic ocean sanctuary
PERTH Australia - China and Russia have thwarted an international attempt to create the world’s largest ocean sanctuary in Antar...
IPCC keen to avoid old ghosts
Climate talks stalked by spectre of the past...
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