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Oroville Dam Sign of Things to Come
Scientists predict from climate models that the future of Californiaís climate will oscillate between extreme droughts and extreme...
Discarding Dollars? 4 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Creative About Turning Waste into Profit
Did you know that going green with your small business practices can mean extra green in your wallet? Recycling is not only go...
Why Park Rangers Experience Trauma
In 2015, poaches in Africa killed over 24,000 elephants, 1,300 rhinos, and an estimated 1,000 rangers. In fact, 82% of the 570 ran...
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Re:Corpse Flower in Bloom
There are plants that use flies to pollinate and, when they flower, these plants will emit the smell of rotting flesh to attract t...
Which Indoor Plants Keep Your Air Clean
Want to find out which indoor plants can help keep your homeís air clean? Watch the video from Scientific American below! https...
Are car bans effective?
Recently, several cities (such as Paris and New Delhi) have adopted car bans as a way to mitigate air pollution. Nitrogen oxides f...
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Arrests among dwindling demonstrators as Dakota pipeline camp cleared
CANNON BALL, N.D. (Reuters) - Dozens of armed law enforcement officials swept through a protest camp near the site of the Dakota A...
Groups sue EPA to protect wild salmon from climate change
(Reuters) - U.S. fishing and conservation groups sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, seeking to protect wild sal...
Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change
A new report says that using wood pellets to generate low-carbon electricity is a highly flawed policy....
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