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Underwater Cities!
Underwater archeologist Frank Goddio discovered two underwater Egyptian cities. Watch the video below to see these underwater citi...
The Physics of Peacocks' Displays
Click below to learn the physics behind a male peacockís display!
The Plight of the Addax
Are there really only three wild addax, a type of antelope, left? The IUCN discovered three in Niger huddled together but could no...
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Study of Natural History in Decline
Natural history is in decline in academia, being replaced by newer scientific studies. However, environmental scientists, no matte...
Red Knot Bird Shrinking Due to Climate Change
Scientists have found that some speciesí body size is shrinking due to climate change. Sometimes, the shrinking benefits that spec...
New App: Wildlife Witness
Conservationists have created a smartphone app that allows the public to help catch poachers and illegal wildlife trade around the...
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U.S. expects more hurricanes as tropical storm brews off East Coast
(Reuters) - U.S. meteorologists on Friday predicted the number of storms in the upcoming hurricane season will increase from years...
At least one person dies in severe flooding in southeast Texas
(Reuters) - Record rainfall and severe flooding have hit parts of southeast Texas, forcing evacuations and killing at least one pe...
Geologists revisit giant Zion landslide
US scientists produce their most precise date yet for the colossal landslide that shaped the big red canyon running through what i...
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